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Dashcourses Online Training Ideal for the Internet Generation

One of the things we have been talking about recently here at Dashcourses is that today’s new IT professional learns very differently than the previous generation.

These Internet Generation professionals grew up with a game controller in their hands. They are bored with hours of lecture and textbook, but excel in an environment with lots of hands-on exercises. You can train a Boomer using a presentation consisting solely of a couple hundred PowerPoint slides but don’t even try it with NetGen’er.

As one NetGen’er said to me, “It’s not that computers and video games changed the way I learn, they are the way I learn.”

Furthermore, while us Boomers tend to learn in a very linear fashion, NetGen’ers do not. They grew up in a technology-enabled world that rewards the ability to multitask on a variety of items while remaining engaged in learning (So that’s how my son was able to have the stereo going, watch TV, play a video game, AND do homework all at once) .

NetGen students are immersed in interactions through collaborative and social technology tools like blogs, wikis, and podcasts that engage the generation’s desire to learn in non-linear way. NetGen’ers adept use of technology creates a population of masterful information collectors and researchers. And while I prefer to be locked in a room alone while learning new subjects, NetGen’ers love collaboration and prefer to solve problems in a group environment.

Consequently, training programs geared toward NetGen’ers need to be drastically different that those for Boomers. The first thing is to rip the fluff material out of the curriculum: Strip it down to the lean meat. Make it fast-paced with lots of hands-on exercises and group problem solving. Shorten the sessions so they don’t consume the entire day. Make sure that you use only those instructors who are not only tuned in to these changes but also know their stuff: NetGen’ers won’t respect an instructor or boss who is not an expert in the field.


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