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Dashcourses Breaks Down Online Training’s Technology Barriers

Good training should be more than a bunch of Powerpoint slides. Good training should include some group interaction, time for Q and A, and most importantly, it should include hands-on exercises.

Unfortunately, online training that includes hands-on exercises usually means messing with the student’s PC. For example, let’s say that it is a Java course. That usually means that the student is required to installed J2EE and some development tools on his PC.

In most corporate settings, the student does not have the rights to install software on his PC and so he needs to get permission, submit a ticket to the help desk, wait for the IT staff to get to his request… If you’ve worked in big corporations then you know the drill.

And what if installing this software breaks something?

Dashcourses’ Online Training eliminates this problem. Dashcourses’ Virtual Classroom Environment uses superior technology to provide the student with access to a PC in our server farm containing all the software preconfigured specifically for the course he is taking.

We send the student an email containing a link, the student clicks on the link and logs in. When it's time to do the exercises, the student clicks a button and presto, he is connected to a computer in the virtual classroom dedicated to him.

Not only that, even though the student is going through his own PC to connect to ours, we have no visibility into his PC. We can't see what he has installed, read the registry, or anything. His own PC is not accessible to us.

If you've been reluctant to try online training because of the requirement to modify the student's PC, why don't you give Dashcourses a try?


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