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Dashcourses Online Training VS the Firewall

Fotosearch_614013_2What happens when you buy an expensive online training course for your staff and discover that it’s not compatible with your firewall? You have a lot of unhappy people on your hands, that's what happens.

Your staff isn't happy because they aren't going to get the training they have been anticipating. Management isn't happy because you’ve spent money. You're not happy either.

Many of the online webinar-style tools suffer from this problem. Ours does not. The classroom environment is hosted on a Dashcourses server farm that allows students to connect to it through their corporate firewalls. Once inside this virtual classroom, students are then able to talk to the instructor, watch the instructor, and connect to Dashcourses' computers which are pre-loaded with the requisite software.

For example, if it is a Java development class, all the Java development software is already pre-installed and pre-configured on a a PC in the Dashcourses virtual classroom. The student does not need to install java development software on his own PC.

The important aspect of this is security: even though the student is going through his own PC to connect to ours, no one has visibility into his PC

The student hears the instructor, sees the instructor, and talks to the instructor. When it's time to do the exercises, the student clicks a button and presto, he/she is on a computer in the virtual classroom dedicated to him/her.

The instructor can watch students work just as if he is standing there right at the student's side.


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